You really should write a book….

Mr. Todd (Jim’s best friend)

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning. A Very Good Place To Start…

Despite my friend’s encouragement and / or whiny reminders to document my 15 years of road warrior business travel, the self-published “My View from 2A” book remains unwritten. As the time draws increasingly near to retire (early retirement, mind you…) and transition from traditional bricks and sticks living to full time life in a motor home, we decided to secure a website and give blogging a try. While most of our friends can follow us on social media, some are not on Facebook and Instagram…so this site will help keep us connected.

Why GetOutZMap? Glad you asked…Get Out The Map is one of our favorite songs from The Indigo Girls, one of our favorite artists. Our last name begins with a Z and GetOutZMap was available @gmail, FB, Instagram etc…We had planned to use the trail name RVChasing78…as in chasing 78 degree climates, but the sense that we were chasing anything seemed less like enjoying life and more like, well…work.  

As I haven’t figured how to set up an “About Us” section on this page…or how to set up much of anything else, here’s A Bit About Us.  Lynn and I have lived in Charleston, SC for the last 15 years, having moved here from Western Massachusetts. Her full time gig for the next two days is a Payroll Manager and on the side she is a self-employed travel agent focused to cruise vacations and a BeachBody coach. She’s a go with the flow kinda gal, a healthy eater and dedicated to working out, when she’s not enjoying Imperial Russian Stouts. She’s a licensed cosmetologist, although I’m her only current customer and scheduling an appointment is frankly a hassle.  My career winds down on February 28, as I too have been steadily winding down from 15 years of intense national travel. I’m a Business Manager in the water filtration industry for a global company known best for making sticky and scratchy products…and Post-It Notes. I’m far from a go with the flow type, more akin to Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, bouncing off walls with ideas and excessive creative energy. Before my current employment, I’ve owned a camera store / portrait studio, operated and leased hot dog carts and managed a couple of bottled water businesses. Finally, “us” includes Spangler our 15-ish year old grey cat and lap companion. She’s unemployed, leaches off of us yet we love her dearly.

Not knowing how brief or expansive blogs are supposed to be, I’ll try something unfamiliar to me….Being Brief. As a hot tub, cold beverage and wild birds in the backyard awaits Lynn and I on this beautiful January Charleston afternoon, I’ll close for now. Thanks to the half of a handful of friends that have found this site and stay tuned for more developments as we jump headlong into a new lifestyle on the road. Though I’ve enjoyed a million miles at 400 MPH and 6 miles up…the future is 60 MPH in the right hand lane and we can’t wait!


6 Comments on “Do-Re-Mi

  1. Gail and I can’t wait to read about travels . I’m sure there will be many exciting days and of course I’m sure there will be days you’ll want to forget! We will look forward to reading all of messages. We wish you great travels. Maybe a video of Lynn driving.


  2. Hope you guys have the time of your lives! Looking forward to hearing of your


  3. We are truly looking forward to your adventures, I’m sure we will have visited some of the places that you will be in your travels and enjoy seeing the places we haven’t seen! I remember when we drove cross country in our 1990 red Trans-am and spend time behind campers on winding roads, we would be “oh no” another camper!

    Happy trails to you both!


  4. Ready to experience your travels with you. What an excellent idea! Look forward to you being my travel agent one day…. Take the high road girl take the road with adventure and experience! Life is short and you want to live it to the fullest! Barb:)


  5. How very exciting! This is a great first blog (and, as an avid blogger, let me know if you want some tips!) This sounds like an awesome adventure and I’m excited to follow along.


  6. Jimmy, you are such a creative and great writer. Maybe you missed your calling. Looking forward to your adventures. Love, mom


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