Snickerdoodle For The Win!

What was supposed to be a relaxing week long cruise, celebrating Lynn’s retirement became a few days of nail-biting, buzz-impeding stress due to multiple house offers and counter offers followed by a few days of happiness in the Caribbean. We had not even gotten to the cruise port before two house showings were scheduled for that same day. By the time the ship departed Miami, there were indications of forthcoming offers. Before the Patriots game ended the next day while in Key West, we had two full priced offers and replied with requests for revised offers the following day. By the time we sat down at Murano’s specialty restaurant on Monday, it was clear….Snickerdoodle had a new back yard to chase squirrels in.

As the beef carpacio was set before Lynn, her eyes filled with tears reading the heartfelt note from a young Navy couple. Looking around the restaurant, staff and guests shot me funny / not-so-funny looks thinking I was making Lynn upset. They attached a photo of themselves with their cute dog, Snickerdoodle. Comments like “When we pulled up to your home, our jaws dropped”, “We fell in love with your home in a matter of seconds” and “This home is our dream and I am hopeful that we can make it our reality”. After dinner, I sat at the onboard Apple Computer store and typed a response, countering a bit on price and closing date. I told them that we wanted this to be their home and if they’d accept our revised offer, they simply couldn’t expect to believe what we’d give them as housewarming gifts.

I asked them to come back to the house and provide us a list of anything in the house (Jeep excluded) that they’d like. They were back in less than twelve hours and once we get past the appraisal, we are going to invite them over and quite frankly blow their minds.

We got a good deal….they got a great deal…and Snickerdoodle closed the deal!

3 Comments on “Snickerdoodle For The Win!

  1. How exciting the way things fall in place! Congratulations! Things are moving quickly!


  2. Holy shit! Your going so fast! Whats next? How soon will you be out of the house. Good for you guys. Can’t wait to read more stories. Congrats


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