Bravo Catwoman

It’s 8:00 AM in Nappanee, Indiana and Lynn and I, along with Spangler in her stylish carrying case, are right this very minute standing in Newmar’s Customer Delivery Center about to see our new home on wheels for the first time. We struggled to name a cat (Spangler) and a boat (Aloha Friday) so why would naming a motorhome be any easier? Well…we both couldn’t be happier with what Lynn came up with as it has two…two…two meanings in one. The first meaning will likely generate smiles and nods at campgrounds, especially with folks older than us. The second meaning is far more personal for Lynn and I and it links us with someone that made a profound and lasting impact on us both.

Julie. The motorhome’s name is Julie.

Julie Newmar is the actress who played the original Catwoman in the 1960’s television series Batman. Our motorhome is built by Newmar….Julie Newmar – Get It? Extra cleverness points to Lynn for coming up with this awesome play on words. No doubt some folks are in for campground chuckles.

Juliana Bravo is a woman we met six years ago while she was a Royal Caribbean bartender on Freedom Of The Seas. Her positive vibe, infectious laugh, mesmerizing eyes and electric smile were so radiant…so genuine that we felt like moths at a flame. The more we got to know Juli we discovered she is a beautiful song writer, talented guitar player and soulful singer. And, she makes a hell of a spicy breakfast Bloody Caesar too! Many ship’s crew have made wonderful impressions on Lynn and I, but never like her. Juli is a world traveller with a nomadic soul and full and beautiful heart. She has an almost-indescribable positive energy, outlook and glow. She’s quite frankly the most beautiful person – inside and out – we have ever met.

We cruised with Juli three times and on our last voyage together took her to lunch in Cozumel at Pancho’s Backyard. The three of us were talking about material possessions, travel and happiness and Juli held up her old cell phone, smiled and said, “My loves, other than my car, this is the most expensive thing that I own”. That simple but profound statement has helped me let go of some of the stuff that couldn’t make it to the motorhome. I’ll never forget the moment she said that, those almond-shaped eyes and the Caribbean sea behind her…. marimbas playing and then… she saw me – as usual, overthinking things. She just laughed. I love the fact that she seems to see right through me. The fact that she can be so positive to those around her while working unrelenting hours on a cruise ship with many demanding guests floors me. A bit more than a year ago, Juliana left RCL, married Beatris and these wonderful women and beloved cats moved from Brazil and now call the United Kingdom home.

So, while the name on the rig will be written Julie and campground small talk will be about Catwoman….this is a glimpse at the real Juli behind the name.

No mask – even Catwoman’s should NEVER EVER hide these eyes.

4 Comments on “Bravo Catwoman

  1. You haven’t even unpacked and moved what stuff you took with you into your new motorhome and I find myself looking forward to the next post!

    So is Spangler going to be on a leash? I can’t wait to hear how Spangler does!

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  2. Great story and great name for the RV! Love it and can’t wait for more stories!


  3. As I sit in seat 18F flying from Seattle to Pittsburgh, I dare to dream. Congratulations on the next step on the new adventure! 10 planes in front of me, five planes behind me, all waiting to get somewhere. Whilst the two of you begin planning your journey to everywhere. Oh the joy!

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  4. It’s an honour to be named by something so special for u.
    So much gratitude to have been able to meet you both and share love with your amazing souls ♡♡♡
    Thank you for pursuing your dreams and making we all believe we can do anything we want if we put ours hearts to it!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


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