Julie And Velvet Get Hitched

May 1, 2019…7:25PM at Potato Creek State Park in I’m Not Exactly Sure, Indiana is the moment that we began our new chapter as full time travelers. Today has had some twists and turns, starting with a 7:30AM doorbell ring by a smiling Newmar employee saying, “Please move your coach as soon as possible”, then Lynn telling me that she forgot to put pants on before answering the door. Perhaps he too is writing a blog this evening called Lynn’s a Dirty Girl, describing the friendly customer in the Dutch Star.

We left Newmar’s facility and I drove Julie with Lynn following behind in Velvet, the Jeep, up to Dan’s Hitch in Elkhart. No grand story about its’ naming as Jeep’s official color is Red Velvet…but candidly I’m not subjecting it to a foo-foo name like that. Fifteen minutes in, a wild turkey flew across the road about 30 feet ahead, windshield height. Five minutes later, I feel a soft rubbing on my right calf. While that’s the sort of thing I usually go for, seeing Spangler near the pedals blew my mind. A sharp yell and she high-tailed it 40 feet to the bedroom. Then, the wonderful people at Dan’s got us set up with a Blue Ox hitch, matched the height of Julie and Velvet and then explained how to connect and disconnect the two as well as how to put the Jeep into tow mode. Six and a half hours later…all 55-60 feet of us hit the road with Jerry Reed singing Eastbound and Down on the speakers.

We pull into Potato Creek State Park with smiles on our faces as we arrived to our first campground for a 4 night stay. Lynn guides me into the back-in site and while I did chew up some over-saturated grass I got us right in the middle of the site….and into about 6 inches of mud. Thinking we could overcome, out came the slides, soaked went the shoes…and then we realized that the coach was nowhere …and I mean nowhere…near level. We reached the consensus that given the recent ground saturation this site was impossible to stay at. So, Lynn found the park ranger and we found a second site that was near level and not muddy. I found the water filling station and hosed Julie’s tires and wheel wells out. Into the second site on the first shot. Slides out….leveled….gin + tonic in hand…..I can finally say- – – While Julie is a bit of a dirty girl….We are doing it…We are camping.

Thanks to all of our friends and family that have supported us.

Tomorrow’s plan on yet another rainy day? Wake up, have a good breakfast and then take a nap. We deserve it.


7 Comments on “Julie And Velvet Get Hitched

  1. Are you the only ones in the camp ground? Looks pretty empty.


  2. That man went home and told his elite you won’t believe what happened to me today!! 👁


  3. Juli must love being dirty and used lol
    So happy you’re out there doing it all u dreamt ♡♡♡
    Much love always


  4. Love this blog!!! Happy trails to you!! Aunt Phyllis and Justin


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