You Think You Might Know – But You’re Not Sure

June 22 marks two months living full time in Julie, our Newmar Dutch Star motorhome. Here’s what we have learned so far:

  • Living in our “tiny home” has not been that big of an adjustment.
  • We still brought too much stuff.
  • Hooking up the towed Jeep is quite simple.
  • Bocce (especially at breweries) is a lot of fun.
  • Go slow. Who cares what other people think.
  • Spangler was far more adaptable than we thought.
  • Summer doesn’t start till July in Northern Michigan
  • Extra water and sewer hoses are important.
  • We still have more storage space than we need.
  • Shopping at different grocery stores every week is quite frustrating.
  • Campgrounds are muddy – Mud boots are essential.
  • Amazon Prime is imperative for full-time travelers.
  • Personal WiFi is imperative – Don’t rely on campground WiFi.
  • Dumping tanks is not as bad as anticipated (although Lynn does it).
  • People in campgrounds are very nice.
  • We don’t regret any of the vehicle options that we didn’t purchase.
  • Written lists setting up and breaking camp are important.
  • Heated floors are absolutely amazing (Spangler gives two paws up).
  • Get started on your dreams NOW!

Lynn’s 2 cents –

We’re not on vacation every day. Some days we still have to do laundry, clean the rig and go grocery shopping. And we are not camping. We don’t sit around the campfire drinking until midnight. This is how we are living our life and we love it!

6 Comments on “You Think You Might Know – But You’re Not Sure

    • Thanks. Learned that term one night on a street corner in Savannah, GA. Well, we are still pretty much virgins at this whole RV lifestyle and trying to take things slow. Our rig holds 110 gallons fresh of water, 65 grey and 45 black. We keep a constant connection to a sewer in nicer campgrounds and every 3-4 days, Lynn slips on those purple latex gloves and does her thing.


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