Month: August 2019

Who Are You?

My best friend can fly a wide bodied Boeing 767, but somehow can not boot up his his antiquated iPhone 4-ish to reveal the alleged cache of my old “road warrior war-stories” which I shared years ago in hundreds of drunken hot tub nights.… Continue Reading “Who Are You?”

Oh Truck.

I thought that six minutes of backing up a hill to get out of a campground was supposed to be the most intense part of the day. I was sorely incorrect. Had no intention of blogging, but figured that someone out there might want… Continue Reading “Oh Truck.”

Twenty Five Years Later – Why Me?…Why Me?… ……WHAT!!!???

(Been awhile since the last non-RV story….Many more in the pipeline…While not a classic, hope this one is worthy of a chuckle or two) February 1994…Ionics, Inc Headquarters…Watertown, Massachusetts. I was a few months into a project to hire and implement an outbound call… Continue Reading “Twenty Five Years Later – Why Me?…Why Me?… ……WHAT!!!???”

CRW-INT-CLT-BOS-BDL-CLT (In other words, last week)

American Airlines’ website indicates that lucky me has flown 991,659 miles with them. As a result of more than two thousand take-offs and landings, I often refer to cities by their three letter airport codes. Today’s blog is an update of our last nine… Continue Reading “CRW-INT-CLT-BOS-BDL-CLT (In other words, last week)”

My Old Kentucky Home….. (For Five Days)

Thanks to some Savannah, GA peeps, one of our favorite lines is “You Think You Might Know….But You Are Not Sure” and Kentucky lived up to this. Our visit was a mix of pleasant surprises and unexpected disappointments. This blog (to some of your… Continue Reading “My Old Kentucky Home….. (For Five Days)”