Let’s Cover Alabama Before We Get To Arizona

On Thanksgiving Day, we put JAX in our rearview mirror and crossed the Panhandle in order to spend ten days at Bella Terra Motorhome Resort, one of the Top Ten RV Resorts in the country. Said simply… it did not disappoint. Said my way….we almost purchased a site there and still may do so in the future. It was perfect – quiet, classy, chill….In other words, Nothing at all like me. We never expected to connect to Foley and Gulf Shores Alabama but both of us did. We were reminded of New England, Michigan, Virginia… bits of tourism but at the same time, a wonderfully local feel. We found a site for sale with a lake view to the front and woods to the rear. If we were not so “new to life on the road” we’d have made an offer that week. We could keep the property as-is or add a small structure and also add it to the rental pool and collect income from weekly and monthly visitors. Stay tuned…. we might make a move on a site at Bella Terra…

While in Alabama, we visited Pensacola Air Station (two days before the tragic shooting) and I got to see one of my favorite airplanes up close at the US Naval Air Museum- the A-6 Intruder. A Lieutenant General, the President and CEO of the facility greeted us and complimented Lynn on having beautiful eyes. Yes, that actually happened…

The next day we spent a few hours wandering the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. It too was awesome, though I like flying things a bit more than floaty things. Both the USAF and the Navy museums had one amazing thing in common – Amazing and dedicated veteran / volunteers that actively engage visitors and enhance their visits.

We also visited a few oddities along the way including Bama-Henge, some dinosaurs in the woods, a woman “floating” in the marina and the Flora-Bama honkeytonk bar.

We waved goodbye to Alabama and set the GPS for Louisiana. Although I’ve seen plenty of New Orleans in my working days, Lynn’s never been there. So, at her direction, we we spent three nights in Ponchatoula, an hour or so away from New Orleans. We travelled the twenty eight mile bridge across Lake Ponchatrain. We started off our day at Cafe Du Monde enjoying amazing chicory coffee and beignets.Then we feasted on two dozen Charbroiled Oysters at Drago’s Restaurant then followed that up with some fried alligator, boudin balls and craft beer. Any trip to New Orleans should include a trip to Pat O’Briens so we made that pilgrimage and enjoyed hurricanes on the patio. All in all – I’m glad Lynn got a taste of N’Awlins and I’m happy to have come back.

The next day we visited Abita Brewing where the servers were great but the beer was as mediocre as I’ve always found them to be. We then visited an absolutely fun place called Abita Mystery House. There we met the owner who has meticulously crafted a zany set of buildings to surprise, perplex and amuse visitors. It was so much FUN! Finally we visited the World’s Largest Statue of Ronald Reagan, my favorite president.

So, that about covers our time in Alabama and Louisiana. Stay tuned for Texas and New Mexico!

Hoping the next one hundred days are better than the last ones.

Lynns 2 Cents – I absolutely LOVED Alabama and New Orleans! Would definitely like to go back and spend more time at each. But the road is calling and we have more new places to go. Super exciting to be visiting states and places I have never been to!

7 Comments on “Let’s Cover Alabama Before We Get To Arizona

  1. As always… the pictures never disappoint, and the writing makes me feel as I was there right along side you guys. Love seeing the smiling faces of you both at each site living your best dream. Miss you like crazy, but thrilled to virtually be on this journey with you. 💙


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