Sunday Bloody Sunday

One day in and I’m still here.

At the introduction meeting yesterday, the Xscapers organization surprised (and slightly embarrassed) me in front of the whole group. We all wear official name tags and on occasion, secondary tags are given to mark both silly and legit accomplishments. Some relate to winning a mac and cheese or Bloody Mary contest. Other tags identify early Xscapers members as “O.G.” (original gangsters) and I’ve even seen Free Hugs. Mine was hard-earned and rings true to me.

The entertainment last night was a band called Yachty By Nature and the theme was of course nautical. So, I swapped out the T shirt and shorts into a captain’s hat, ascot, white dress shirt and blue blazer. While putting on the sport coat, so many memories flooded through my head where I’ve worn this…3M customer visits, cruise ship dinners…now I’m about to board a ferris wheel with Lynn at my most infamous place in the country, looking like an admiral for some banana republic navy.

What I did not realize is that ferris wheel baskets rock back and forth. A millisecond later, I realized that I do not like rocking ferris wheel baskets. Four or so rotations later, I realized that A) I had a death grip on the basket and B) I was holding my breath. Oh, and the lower back spasms from trying to lean forward to reduce the rearward tilt, only to immediately lean back to reduce the pitching forward, was kind of an interesting development.

While trying to conjure up fragments of mindfulness (follow my breathing….slow my breathing….remember to in fact breathe) I scanned the tops of hundreds of RV’s appreciative of the life that we are leading…and wondering the last time this ferris wheel was inspected. All in all, a very fun first day back in Lake Havasu. Time now for five hours of the infamous Lot Crawl event. We are pouring Jagermeister and Red Bull shots, so stop by if you’d like to get buzzed.

Speaking of buzzed, tune in tomorrow and find out how many haircuts Lynn has booked for this event.

2 Comments on “Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. When I was young and lived in Germany, I used to get a shot of Jäegermeister at the Gast House and then refill my shot glass from the bottle i carried in my woven tote.  I only earned $1.15/hour.  Can’t drink it now.  Enjoy, don’t panic.  When we get word that Bob is fit to travel we can synchronize our calendars.  We would love to catch up. Deb

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  2. P.s.  I have a cousin in Tucson, a high school classmate in Sierra Royal, and former colleagues near phoenix or where you are now.

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