Bella (The Kitten)

On our second return to Charleston in October, 2020, a quick trip to a local brewery turned into the unexpected beginning of a new relationship with a stray kitten. In our first few weeks with her, she’s helped mend the hole in our hearts due to our loss of beautiful Spangler. While I was adamant that I wasn’t ready for a new pet, Bella’s immediate need trumped my aversion to start a new relationship.

Her first picture after wandering into the brewery from the scary outdoors
The “look” that sealed the deal.

She’s adapted to small-space living like a champ, but after being alone outdoors, this is probably the Ritz Carlton for her. She’s got more energy than Lynn and I combined on our best day and runs full-blast back and forth throughout the rig, sliding low below extended pocket doors. As of this week’s vet visit, she is 4.67 pounds and an estimated four months old. We love her and the new energy in our home. She’s now two years old and still a little one at barely 8 pounds.

We put larger items into that dishwasher!
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