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Come along with us in our next chapter as full time travelers!

International Hosers, Eh?

One week ago, we entered into Canada at the Osoyoos, British Columbia border crossing. Just North of Oroville, Washington, the crossing was easy, to the peasy degree. Including waiting for two cars in front of us, we were through in just under five minutes.… Continue Reading “International Hosers, Eh?”


Unalaska is the main population center in the Aleutian Island chain of Alaska. Better known as Dutch Harbor, it is the largest commercial fishery in the United States. But that, as they say, is not important right now. Unalaska……..Un Alaska is a fitting title… Continue Reading “Unalaska”


Two weeks after departing our lot in Indio, we are about five hundred miles to the North, straight up US Route 395. Along the way, we stopped for one night in Adelanto, CA, then three nights in Bishop, CA and tomorrow we break camp… Continue Reading “US ROUTE 395 NORTH”

North To Alaska – Day One!

With mixed feelings, today we left our Winter Home Base at Outdoor Resorts Indio and pointed Julie North. I have been feeling bittersweet and not sleeping too well, as we were starting to make new friends at our new property in Southern California. Easing… Continue Reading “North To Alaska – Day One!”

Heads Carolina, Tails California

After four years of wandering the United States, we purchased property in Southern California for use as our Winter home base. Outdoor Resorts Indio has four hundred and nineteen deeded sites for Class A Motorhome owners. Established twenty years ago, it was started by… Continue Reading “Heads Carolina, Tails California”

Wait. The Earth Is Round?

Writing had become something that provided me much satisfaction and then, in case you didn’t notice – I stopped. There are a few partial drafts yet to be completed and many unwritten stories waiting to be told. Content is not the problem. I just… Continue Reading “Wait. The Earth Is Round?”

Hello? I thought I heard a knock.

So, if I were to construct a Yelp-type review of Xscapers Bash 2022 comparing it to my prior experience…these are some highlights – No getting tangled up in silly IV lines! Administered medicines this year were limited to Indica Hybrid, Tanqueray and Patron. Arrived… Continue Reading “Hello? I thought I heard a knock.”

Sunday Bloody Sunday

One day in and I’m still here. At the introduction meeting yesterday, the Xscapers organization surprised (and slightly embarrassed) me in front of the whole group. We all wear official name tags and on occasion, secondary tags are given to mark both silly and… Continue Reading “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

Remember Me?

It’s been 259 days since my last blog entry, so let’s catch up. On the other hand….never mind. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…Lynn and I are back in Lake Havasu City, Arizona at the 2022 Xscapers Bash. For those keeping score… Continue Reading “Remember Me?”

Oh, Snap

I woke up this morning and for the same reason as exactly two years ago my heart jumped. Juliana Bravo, the single-most optimistic human I have ever met, sent Lynn and I a voice recording. Hers is not an ordinary voice…hers are not ordinary… Continue Reading “Oh, Snap”