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Come along with us in our next chapter as full time travelers!

Without Words

Road Trip. While two late September weeks in Hilton Head sure sounded fantastic….current events cause us to cancel beach time and head somewhere else far too familiar. Perhaps the night time train whistles will be less unsettling than the sound of Lynn crying. This… Continue Reading “Without Words”

Stalked By A Turtle

During sixteen years of living in Charleston, SC, hurricane season was the singular thing I disliked the most. Well, collard greens are actually worse, but you get the point. September and October had always been a time of particularly intense business travel, with multiple… Continue Reading “Stalked By A Turtle”

Oh Truck.

I thought that six minutes of backing up a hill to get out of a campground was supposed to be the most intense part of the day. I was sorely incorrect. Had no intention of blogging, but figured that someone out there might want… Continue Reading “Oh Truck.”

CRW-INT-CLT-BOS-BDL-CLT (In other words, last week)

American Airlines’ website indicates that lucky me has flown 991,659 miles with them. As a result of more than two thousand take-offs and landings, I often refer to cities by their three letter airport codes. Today’s blog is an update of our last nine… Continue Reading “CRW-INT-CLT-BOS-BDL-CLT (In other words, last week)”

My Old Kentucky Home….. (For Five Days)

Thanks to some Savannah, GA peeps, one of our favorite lines is “You Think You Might Know….But You Are Not Sure” and Kentucky lived up to this. Our visit was a mix of pleasant surprises and unexpected disappointments. This blog (to some of your… Continue Reading “My Old Kentucky Home….. (For Five Days)”

Back In The Saddle Again

Greetings from the brand new parking lot…aka “Camp Newmar”…in the sprawling metropolis of Nappanee Indiana! The last time we checked in, Lynn and I were headed here to replace a defective drivers seat and for correction of a few other small issues. We arrived… Continue Reading “Back In The Saddle Again”

Smitten With The Mitten

Brief check-in , mainly to prove to Lynn that it is possible. Sixty four days ago on May 10, we arrived in Michigan and tomorrow morning we will put it in the rearview mirror…if we had a rearview mirror. The first month was a… Continue Reading “Smitten With The Mitten”

Is This Gonna Be Forever?

So, it’s been a couple of weeks – both figuratively and literally since I had anything to say about RV life. Seventeen days to be exact… While I’m fortunate not to be running between American Airline gates as their maintenance crews continue their orchestrated… Continue Reading “Is This Gonna Be Forever?”

Up to the UP

Thirty days ago we arrived in Petoskey, Michigan with plans to stay here two weeks and then continue to the Upper Peninsula on our way to Wisconsin and Minnesota for the remainder of the Summer. As previously mentioned, a manufacturing defect is causing us… Continue Reading “Up to the UP”

You Think You Might Know – But You’re Not Sure

June 22 marks two months living full time in Julie, our Newmar Dutch Star motorhome. Here’s what we have learned so far: Living in our “tiny home” has not been that big of an adjustment. We still brought too much stuff. Hooking up the… Continue Reading “You Think You Might Know – But You’re Not Sure”