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Come along with us in our next chapter as full time travelers!

Is This Gonna Be Forever?

So, it’s been a couple of weeks – both figuratively and literally since I had anything to say about RV life. Seventeen days to be exact… While I’m fortunate not to be running between American Airline gates as their maintenance crews continue their orchestrated… Continue Reading “Is This Gonna Be Forever?”

Up to the UP

Thirty days ago we arrived in Petoskey, Michigan with plans to stay here two weeks and then continue to the Upper Peninsula on our way to Wisconsin and Minnesota for the remainder of the Summer. As previously mentioned, a manufacturing defect is causing us… Continue Reading “Up to the UP”

You Think You Might Know – But You’re Not Sure

June 22 marks two months living full time in Julie, our Newmar Dutch Star motorhome. Here’s what we have learned so far: Living in our “tiny home” has not been that big of an adjustment. We still brought too much stuff. Hooking up the… Continue Reading “You Think You Might Know – But You’re Not Sure”

Road To Nowhere (Nappanee)

Well, we know where we’re goin’ But we don’t know where we’ve been And we know what we’re knowin’ But we can’t say what we’ve seen  And we’re not little children And we know what we want And the future is certain Give us… Continue Reading “Road To Nowhere (Nappanee)”

Mackinac Island Visit

On Monday, June 3 we spent the day visiting Mackinac Island which is about an hours drive North from Petoskey, Michigan. The drive up there was reasonably scenic with sightings of deer as soon as we left our campground. This island is less than… Continue Reading “Mackinac Island Visit”

Latitude 45

Hello from the picnic table at site 47 at Petoskey RV Resort. As the Southeast US sizzles in a heat wave, Lynn and I are trying to convince ourselves to stay outside in this chilly weather here in Northern Michigan and not run back… Continue Reading “Latitude 45”

It’s Starting To Get Fun

We arrived on Friday May 17 at Steamboat Park Campground, outside of Grand Rapids, MI for a seven night stay. On our way and with Julie almost to a half tank, we fueled up for the first time. We’ve noticed a trend in Michigan… Continue Reading “It’s Starting To Get Fun”

Three Weeks…Still Married…

Hello from the KOA Campground in Coloma / St. , Michigan where, in addition to still being happily married…after three weeks it is still chilly, dreary and rain is in the forecast. But hey, this is our first campground with full hookups as the… Continue Reading “Three Weeks…Still Married…”

Julie And Velvet Get Hitched

May 1, 2019…7:25PM at Potato Creek State Park in I’m Not Exactly Sure, Indiana is the moment that we began our new chapter as full time travelers. Today has had some twists and turns, starting with a 7:30AM doorbell ring by a smiling Newmar… Continue Reading “Julie And Velvet Get Hitched”

Bravo Catwoman

It’s 8:00 AM in Nappanee, Indiana and Lynn and I, along with Spangler in her stylish carrying case, are right this very minute standing in Newmar’s Customer Delivery Center about to see our new home on wheels for the first time. We struggled to… Continue Reading “Bravo Catwoman”