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Come along with us in our next chapter as full time travelers!

Julie And Velvet Get Hitched

May 1, 2019…7:25PM at Potato Creek State Park in I’m Not Exactly Sure, Indiana is the moment that we began our new chapter as full time travelers. Today has had some twists and turns, starting with a 7:30AM doorbell ring by a smiling Newmar… Continue Reading “Julie And Velvet Get Hitched”

Bravo Catwoman

It’s 8:00 AM in Nappanee, Indiana and Lynn and I, along with Spangler in her stylish carrying case, are right this very minute standing in Newmar’s Customer Delivery Center about to see our new home on wheels for the first time. We struggled to… Continue Reading “Bravo Catwoman”

With Less Than A Month Till Delivery, It’s Showtime!

Day 3 Construction Photos

OMG. Coming together!

Day Two Construction Photos!

Construction Photos!

Snickerdoodle For The Win!

What was supposed to be a relaxing week long cruise, celebrating Lynn’s retirement became a few days of nail-biting, buzz-impeding stress due to multiple house offers and counter offers followed by a few days of happiness in the Caribbean. We had not even gotten… Continue Reading “Snickerdoodle For The Win!”


You really should write a book…. Mr. Todd (Jim’s best friend) Let’s Start At The Very Beginning. A Very Good Place To Start… Despite my friend’s encouragement and / or whiny reminders to document my 15 years of road warrior business travel, the self-published “My View… Continue Reading “Do-Re-Mi”