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Odd tales from odd jobs.

Twenty Five Years Later – Why Me?…Why Me?… ……WHAT!!!???

(Been awhile since the last non-RV story….Many more in the pipeline…While not a classic, hope this one is worthy of a chuckle or two) February 1994…Ionics, Inc Headquarters…Watertown, Massachusetts. I was a few months into a project to hire and implement an outbound call… Continue Reading “Twenty Five Years Later – Why Me?…Why Me?… ……WHAT!!!???”

Overexposed And Not Well Done

***WARNING*** Let’s be honest with each other…This blog is YOUR fault, not mine. You voted for it….essentially YOU made me do this…..I’m just passing along something that happened. Remember that in case you throw up in your mouth a bit or perhaps experience heart… Continue Reading “Overexposed And Not Well Done”

Asleep At The Wheel

On the phone with Verizon’s inept tech support team for seventy three minutes, so I figured I’d pass the time and share a memory from my bottled water days. This happened in Ludlow, Massachusetts while I was General Manager for Aqua Cool Bottled Water.… Continue Reading “Asleep At The Wheel”

Watertown Weirdo

Tomorrow, June 17, is a full moon, so – here’s my take on full moon freaks. March 1995. Watertown, Massachusetts. I was halfway through a nine month project to create an outbound call center (OK, let’s call it what it was… a telemarketing center).… Continue Reading “Watertown Weirdo”

“To Your Health” – a birthday toast to Craft Conundrum

Over the years three quotes resonated with me about business and two of the three panned out for me: Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow Keep Your Mind Off The Things You Don’t Want And On The Things You Do Want… Continue Reading ““To Your Health” – a birthday toast to Craft Conundrum”

One Lake, four cows and two Uzi’s in the rain

This quaint Western Massachusetts town of 1,100 was settled in 1764. Country music singer and former lead singer of Stained, Aaron Lewis calls Worthington home and references it in a number of his songs: ‘So I just passed the sign that welcomes me to… Continue Reading “One Lake, four cows and two Uzi’s in the rain”

Confessions Of A Hot Dog Pimp (Part 2)

(In retrospect, Pimp #1 was far too wordy, even by my standards, so I’m breaking it into two 1,000 word segments. Thanks Todd and Lynn for the sanity check!) I saw fights and brawls better than any Pay-Per-View subscription. Most were just guys pushing… Continue Reading “Confessions Of A Hot Dog Pimp (Part 2)”

Confessions Of A Hot Dog Pimp (Part 1)

In 1988, I sold Creative Photo, my beloved Western Massachusetts camera store / portrait studio / custom framing shop to a customer with both too much money and not enough common sense (who then proceeded to run it…and my heart…into the ground in less… Continue Reading “Confessions Of A Hot Dog Pimp (Part 1)”