Category: Memories From 2A

For fifteen years, my dear friend Todd has encouraged, harangued, pestered and had almost successfully persuaded me to document some of the crazy & strange-but-true experiences I’d share about business travel. As I remember…or get reminded of them…here’s where you’ll get a sense of the good, bad and ugly aspects of my fifteen years of almost non-stop business travel…1,800 flight segments…1 million air miles…1,200 hotel nights…. It was both better and worse than you can imagine – it just depended on the upgrade.

Nacho Room

OK, let’s take a break from recent introspective, woe-is-me blogs. The last blog on my mental health struggles went over like a lead balloon, so I’ll try a few more and see if anyone is actually still tuning in. As a result of my… Continue Reading “Nacho Room”

Who Are You?

My best friend can fly a wide bodied Boeing 767, but somehow can not boot up his his antiquated iPhone 4-ish to reveal the alleged cache of my old “road warrior war-stories” which I shared years ago in hundreds of drunken hot tub nights.… Continue Reading “Who Are You?”

[Name Redacted]

For the record, I really don’t like Hooters. Mediocre wings…Low-end beer…Just plain tacky. However, this is not to say I don’t appreciate tacky dive bars or smiling young women in revealing poly-blend outfits in shades of orange otherwise only used by Carnival Cruise Lines….… Continue Reading “[Name Redacted]”

Once A Pelican

Of all the memories of my former “life on the road” business travel, I’m going to start on the West Coast with a bird theme, circa 2008. With only 20 days since we sold our Charleston home…I’m missing the backyard birds that provided wonderful… Continue Reading “Once A Pelican”